Gencor® / Hy-Way® Hot Oil Heater

by Troy Murphy
Published: (1 year ago)

Gencor® / Hy-Way® Hot Oil Heater


Make: Gencor® / Hy-Way®                                                                                          Equipment:  Hot Oil Heater

DESCRIPTION: Model HYCGO-100 Hot Oil Heater features.

  • 2011 Gencor® / Hy-Way® HYCGO-100 1.0 MBTU
  • Mounted Control Panel
  • 5 HP Heat transfer oil circulation pump
  • PowerFlame Combination Fuel Burner currently fired on #2 Gas.
  • Skid mounted structural channel frame.
  • The seller upgraded to a higher MBTU heater and states heater was running went taken out of service.

Info Sheet: GT-5577JWS

Gencor® / Hy-Way® Hot Oil Heater

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