Customer Success Stories

Drum Mix Plant Conversion

This customer has worked with Stansteel and Hotmix Parts for many years. In this case, they decided to upgrade, while keeping certain components of their existing plant that were newer and upgrade to an all new drum mix plant facility.

They worked with Stansteel to find certain used components, such as a very good 75,000 ACFM baghouse and primary collector system that was rebuilt at Stansteel’s factory. Also, Stansteel found a heavy duty 450 ton per hour slat conveyor with certain upgrades made at the customer’s facility.

Other components supplied new were heavy duty counterflow dryer with burner, a new rotary recycle mixer, two new maximum thermal retention Stansteel silos and other components to make a comprehensive plant conversion package.

This was custom engineered so that they could continue to operate their batch plant as they were making the upgrade during their busy paving season. The plant has been up and has successfully operated at much higher ton per hour even with the higher moisture contents experienced this season.

Batch Plant Conversion

This hotmix producer was very limited by their 6,000 lb. batch size. A typical good production rate was only about 150 Tons/Hour. After Stansteel re-engineered the facility by adding a Rotary Recycle Mixer™ Conversion, the production rate increased to over 350 Tons/Hour and recycle percentage increased from 0 to over 35 % for certain job mix specifications.

Since the user had an adequate baghouse and silo system, the total conversion costs were minimized and the producer leveraged the remainder of the plant investment.

Used Portable Asphalt Plant

The company had a good success in the heavy duty contracting and construction industry. They believed there was an excellent opportunity in producing hotmix and producing and paving material in a growing area of the southwestern U.S. They called on Stansteel to help them find a used plant and find the right combination of people that could help successfully operate the unit. Stansteel found a used, portable plant of the counterflow variety that was equipped with a baghouse and other components to keep them in a successful operation for years. The company and its personnel focused heavily on the plant operation and, with Stansteel’s assistance, had it operating for the key part of the season. Within 18 months, the company had Stansteel find them another plant, set it up in record time and repeated the same cycle.

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